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Name: Richard Rangel Morava

Age: 46

Home: Augusta, Georgia (Lakeland, FL & Chicago IL)

Marital Status: Widowed (Kristin Denise Sanders-Morava)

References: Past and Current Clients Include: 16 Magazine, Albuquerque Journal, ALL-STARS, ARK21 Records, Atlantic Hill Music Productions, Backstage Pass, Bill, Britney Spears Touring, Blast!, Circus Magazine, Dean Guitars, Downbeat Magazine, Fender Musical Instruments, Fernandes Guitars, Florida Southern College, Florida Times Union, H.O.L.A Records(Jellybean Recordings), Hockey Ink!, HOT!, Jackson/AKAI Musical Instruments, JAM Entertainment News, Lakeland Ledger, MTV Networks, Melrose Productions, Metal Edge Magazine, Music Magazine, Music Players Magazine, Naomi, Nissen Advertising, Popstar! Magazine, Renn Music Productions, Rollins College, Skydiving Magazine, Slidell Sentry News, Super Teen,, Tampa Tribune, Teen Celebrity, TeenFaces, Teen Machine, Teen People, Thrust Magazine, Tiger Beat, University of Tampa, YM,, VH1, VIBE Magazine, Wright Entertainment Group (WEG), Wright International Records and Entertainment and some magazines in England, France, Holland, Japan, and Sweden (My agent just sends me the check).

Represented by: Chris Walters at Photofeatures International - This who is responsible for getting my images in magazines around the world...

Influences: Ross Marino Paul Natkin, Mark Weiss and Neil Zlowzower

Most Asked Question: Can I buy some of your photos?

Usual Answer: Only if you are an accredited Newspaper or Magazine...

Last Book Read: David Lee Roth Crazy From The Heat

Second Career Choice: Promotions Director or Music Director for a radio station or A&R rep for a record company.

Biggest Professional Thrill: Seeing my images published

Prized Possession: My Guns N' Roses Appetite For Destruction platinum record

Quote: I don't foresee ever being huge, I am just famous enough to be annoyed by it. . .

Most Original Distinction: I'm just a ordinary, average guy...

Vices: Hard Rock Cafe pins,  80s' Music, and Travel...


True Story: November 1987, I was shooting Guns N' Roses on the Motley Crue Girls Girls Girls tour in Columbia, South Carolina. Staying in the same hotel and same floor as GN'R, I forgot my key and locked myself out of the room. I make my way to the elevator, the doors open and I enter. A shadowy figure is standing in the corner wearing a black leather trench coat.

After a minute I realize it's Izzy Stradlin (guitarist for GN'R) and I can't help but wonder how long he has been on the elevator. We made small talk about the show that had taken place two hours before, Izzy pulls out a cigarette and asks for a light. I don't smoke but I suggest we can get matches at the front desk.

We get off the elevator and make our way to the front desk but Izzy keeps on walking, right out the front doors. After showing 20 pieces of identification I was given a replacement key and Stradlin walks with two young ladies under each arm. They walk up to where I am standing,  Izzy presents one of the ladies and says "she's with you, it's cool..."

High Point: When Mark Weiss asked me to sign with MWA

Low Point: Buying 100 shares of Donna Karin (DK) stock at $26. . .

Fantasy: Not sure but I think it involves Molly Ringwald

Life Changing Record: Van Halen Fair Warning

Local Favorites: Roxx Gang, Matchbox20, Exit the Ride and Elisa Cariera

Favorite Movies: Blues Brothers, Planes Trains & Automobiles, and anything by John Hughes

My Space:


Twitter: @newsphoto1